Episode 20 of The Muscle Engineer Podcast is an in-depth dive into the topic of nutrient density with Marty Kendall and Vincent Sparagna.

Topics addressed with time stamps:

3:05 Marty’s intro and the Janury challenge he has put out

17:00 What is nutrient density and why is it important?

21:18 Potential issues with the nutrient density ranking

25:03 Why do some foods many consider nutrient dense (such as nuts, avocado, dairy) rank lower in Marty’s nutrient density scale?

29:21 The importance of keeping calories in mind even when focusing on nutrients

36:43 The highest ROI food sources when it comes to nutrient density

41:45 How does bioavailability influence the nutrient density of common foods?

45:48 The benefits and cons of a carnivore diet

57:15 The nutrients that are hardest to get in and might be worth supplementing with

1:02:16 Nutrient requirements for someone that is physically active vs sedentary

1:04:55 My top 3 take-aways from the episode

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In episode 12 of The Muscle Engineer Podcast I’m joined by Ábel Csabai of The Sustainable Self Development Center to discuss ad libitum dieting, or as it’s more commonly known – intuitive eating.

Ábel is the host of The Sustainable Self Development podcast, where he interviews people in fitness and personal development related topics, and puts out a lot of content on topics such as the psychology of dieting, creating a sustainable approach to training and nutrition, and general self improvement.

During our conversation we discuss his experience with macro tracking, why he transitioned into a more intuitive approach, what are the skills you need to have in order to be able to successfully implement this dieting method, who is it for and who is it not for, and much more.

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Topics discussed with time stamps:

2:48 Abel’s experience with tracking his food intake and his transitioning into intuitive eating

16:40 What is intuitive eating and how is it different from “listening to your body”?

21:57 Requisite skills necessary to be able to implement intuitive eating

25:33 The issues with unrealistic expectations and people’s actions not maching their ambitions

32:21 Who is intuitive eating for and who is it not for?

38:12 Adressing the fear many people seem to have, that if they start eating intuitively they’ll become obese

53:54 Practical tips on implementing intuitive eating successfully both for gaining and losing weight

1:04:03 Ábel’s definition of success

1:06:02 My top 3 take-aways from the episode

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