February 19, 2021

„Natty or not” videos, morality and our preference for „natural” things

Episode 56 of The Muscle Engineer Podcast is another Sustainable Shittalking episode. In this one, we get into a variety of subjects related to personal values, morality, the arbitrary glorification of “natural” status and more.

3:08​ Lazar Angelov's recent video on his natural status

5:55​ Abel’s rant on “Natty or not “ callouts

10:14​ The ethics of “natty or not” videos

17:04​ Discussing the ethics of public callouts

22:35​ Ridiculous ways of assessing someone's natural status

28:37​ Incentives for gear use in different sports

36:35​ Would we use gear? And why do people consider using it?

51:25​ The cognitive dissonance of not wanting to use testosterone, but looking for “natural” test boosters

56:10  The drawbacks of admitting using PED’s as a coach or influencer

1:07:42​ Why we value "natural" things more than artificially enhanced things

1:20:49​ My recommended resource for the week


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