March 14, 2018

#14 Scott Stevenson, PhD - Volume vs intensity, training to failure and the importance of mental conditioning

In episode 14 of The Muscle Engineer Podcast I’m joined by Dr. Scott Stevenson for the second part of our conversation about muscle hypertrophy and the best ways to grow muscle. If you haven’t listened to the first part, make sure to check out episode 13 too!

Topics discussed with time stamps:

1:44 Which is the most important factor for hypertrophy, volume or intensity, taking into account variability in response to training between different people?

18:18 Should you take all sets to failure or leave a couple of reps in reserve, to accumulate more overall volume (work)?

27:10 Switching a mental switch before each training session and using mental imagery to improve your workouts

30:32 Putting things into the perspective of long term sustainability and remaining injury free

35:10 The evolutionary value of being dissatisfied with where you are and using that to move you forward

41:54 Where to find Scott online and closing thoughts

44:54 My top 3 key messages from this episode

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