April 15, 2018

#16 Adel Moussa - Insulin sensitivity and blood sugar regulation. Glucose disposal agents and taurine supplementation

When Adel, at that time still a physics student in his early twenties, became really interested in resistance training, nutrition and supplementation, there were few unbiased evidence-based sources with information on how to train, eat and supplement on the Internet. So what do you do if no one offers the non-sponsored, impartial, science-based content you'd like to read? Well, Adel decided to create this educative and science-based content himself... And that’s how his blog, SuppVersity (Supplement + University) was born.

The idea to review and communicate the latest results from nutrition, supplementation and exercise science is still at the heart of everything Adel does with his blog, the corresponding Facebook Page, during podcast interviews and in his function as a reviewer for Examine.com's Research Digest.

Topics discussed with time stamps:

3:12 Adel’s background and current interests / projects

5:16 Insulin sensitivity - what is it and how can be measured?

8:28 Is daily blood glucose monitoring a valuable tool for dedicated lifters?

15:03 What are the symptoms of hypo- or hyperglycemia?

17:11 Is the inability to go for a semi-extended period of time without food a sign of poor metabolic flexibility?

22:01 The impact of visceral body fat on insulin sensitivity and health

27:45 How can we tell the difference between visceral and “regular”, subcutaneous body fat?

34:00 What are the lifestyle factors that can impact insulin sensitivity - chronic stress, lack of sleep, poor gut health (IBS, SIBO) etc

39:20 High carb, low fat massing – does Adel think it’s a good idea and what should the minimum recommended intake of fat per day be?

48:48 Should fasting periods be incorporated in order to maintain metabolic flexibility on a super high carb diet?

53:46 Glucose disposal agents (berberine; R-ALA, Acetyl-L-Carnitine) – what is their role and are they worth taking for a healthy, active individual?

59:15 Metformin as not only a GDA, but anti-aging “miracle drug” and potential safety concerns

1:02:02 Taurine supplementation and it’s benefits for performance, blood sugar regulation, hearth, gut and brain health

1:13:55 Adel’s definition of success

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