April 28, 2018

#17 Key lessons from episodes #15 and #16 - Insulin sensitivity, dietary fat sources, sleep and finding what works for you

In episode 17 of The Muscle Engineer Podcast I’m ridin’ solo, and look back on the last 2 episodes, giving what I considered to be the top 3 take-aways from each. Enjoy!

Topics discussed with time stamps:

1:06 A mini-rant on so called “evidence based” people dismissing anything that’s not published in a scientific journal

Episode #15 key lessons

3:28 #1 Don’t be afraid to try something out, even if it doesn’t have scientific backing and if it works for you, stick with it

6:25 #2 Something can be helpful short term, even if it’s unsustainable long term

9:29 #3 The value of synchronizing your food intake with your ancestry, the season we’re in and daylight hours

Episode #16 key lessons

14:10 #1 Insulin sensitivity is only good up to a point and increasing systemic IS with GDA’s might not be the best idea

16:55 #2 Choosing nutrient dense fat sources and having higher fat rest days

21:18 #3 The importance of sleep for improving insulin sensitivity and your overall health

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