December 31, 2020

2020 Year in review - getting lean, lessons learned, things I changed my mind about

Episode 52 of The Muscle Engineer Podcast is an end-of-the-year recap of 2020, featuring Ábel Csabai.
Topics discussed:
0:00 - how was 2020 in general?
9:31 - How I got pretty lean for my birthday 
20:26 - Motivations to stay lean
33:42 - Abel taking steps to fix his sleep
42:45 - Abel's upcoming video on muscular potential
56:51 Greg Doucette, the new star of YouTube
1:02:10 - Things I changed my mind about- Time restricted eating
1:06:57 - Changes in Abel's fitness approach
1:09:58 - Lessons on coaching
1:16:14 - Lessons on creating YouTube content

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