January 4, 2018

#8 Aaron Horschig, DPT – Squats for physique development

In this episode I’m joined by Dr. Aaron Horschig, a physical therapist, strength & conditioning coach, speaker, writer and the founder of Squat University, who now works at Boost Physical Therapy & Sport Performance in Kansas City Missouri.

Aaron’s background includes being involved in the sport of olympic weightlifting as an athlete and coach for over the past decade.

During our conversation we discuss a variety of topics related to squatting for phyisque development, including the influence of bar position, stance width and depth on muscle recruitment, the impact of anatomy on how your squats will look, the importance of ankle mobility for an efficisent squat and a very in-depth biomechanical breakdown of knee vs hip dominant squats and why categorizing certain squat variations as either one of those might be misguided. Plus much, much more.

If you’re interested in having bigger, stronger legs, then this episode is a must-listen! Stick around till the end to hear some of my take-aways and a bit of nuance around some points that I didn't fully agree on with Aaron

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