November 25, 2019

Ábel Csabai – How to get into the best shape of your life and why more knowledge ISN’T the answer

In episode 40 of The Muscle Engineer Podcast I’m joined, once again, by fellow coach and podcaster Ábel Csabai of The Sustainable Self Development Center to talk about how he got into his best shape ever and what can you do to achieve the same.

Topics discussed, with time stamps:

2:10 Life in the last 6 months, and what made Ábel  start a photoshoot prep?

10:25 Why body fat / LBM math never works out and what are the causes of muscle loss during a deep end of a cut?

19:30 Why knowledge isn’t the answer and what changed for Ábel since 2017?

28:25 Justifying self-destructive behaviors and helpful eating habits during a dieting phase

47:40 How can you manage emotional impulses / cravings?

55:43 How did strength levels hold up during the cut?

59:43 How has life changed? Do women want to constantly rape you once you’re very lean?

1:01:50 Our skewed perception of what’s a “good physique” – regular people vs world class natural pros vs movie stars

1:10:10 Closing thoughts

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