July 2, 2019

Adam Tzur – Keto adherence rates, hunger reduction and the psychology of dieting

In episode 31 of The Muscle Engineer Podcast I welcome back Adam Tzur for the third part of our deep-dive into ketogenic dieting.

Topics discussed with time stamps:

02:51 Does a ketogenic diet reduce hunger more than a “regular” diet and if so, why?

11:46 How hard is it to stick to a keto diet? (no pun intended lol )

18:13 Is it harder to adhere to a ketogenic diet compared to any “named” / controlled diet?

22:50 How to transition away from a ketogenic diet to a more “balanced” diet long term?

28:40 The value of having a community to support your goals

33:28 The value of personalized nutrition – or at least the illusion of it

36:13 A discussion about internal drive and sacrificing short term pleasure for long term meaningful goals

45:24 Notable aspects unique to a ketogenic diet?

50:12 Side effects of the ketogenic diets

59:30 My top take-aways from the episode

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