January 2, 2020

Danny Lennon, MSc. – A scientific approach to weight cutting for MMA

In episode 42 of The Muscle Engineer Podcast I welcome back my very first guest, Danny Lennon, this time around for a discussion about an essential part of MMA (a side interest of mine), namely weight cutting.

Beside being the host of my #1 go-to nutrition podcast, Sigma Nutrition Radio, Danny is also an educator in the field and as a practician, works with elite combat sports athletes on the exact issue we’re discussing here.

Topics discussed:

4:32 The difference in muscularity between people who have similar “stats”

8:25 Where is the sweet spot between muscle mass, leanness and cardiovascular conditioning; how to decide what’s the best weight class for an athlete?

22:25 How far off the scale weight should you be 1 week out and where is that weight drop coming from?

32:18 Difference in water intake between MMA vs bodybuilding peak weeks

42:42 How much weight can you -or should you – cut in the last hours before weigh-ins?

46:50 Rehydration / refueling - how much can you safely “regain” and what’s the most effective strategy?

55:28 How to deal with anxiety and avoid being bloated before or during a fight?

1:00:40 Would Danny get rid of weight cutting, or what changes he’d make?

1:06:30 Closing thoughts on the episode

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