May 8, 2020

Danny Lennon, MSc. – Chrononutrition and food timing during the lockdown

In episode 46 of The Muscle Engineer Podcast I welcome back Danny Lennon, for the third time, to discuss our current most interesting nutrition related topic – chrononutrition and how you should distribute calories throughout the day.

Topics discussed:

2:45 A general overview of chrononutrition

12:15 Lifting weights, counting calories and monitoring physical activity and how that might impact food timing considerations

25:20 Theoretical benefits vs the practical aspects of pushing calories towards the latter part of the day

30:05 Can you use caffeine instead of food to entrain a healthy circadian rhythm?

32:05 Early TRF vs a more balanced protein spread for muscle gain / fat loss

42:50 COVID-19 and it’s impact on people’s schedule (shifting most towards a “later chronotype”)

49:40 How can you determine what your real chronotype is?

53:10 Final considerations for the lockdown

56:50 Closing thoughts and take-aways

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