November 18, 2019

Gary McGowan aka SkinnyGaz – Cervical extension “shuts off the glutes” and other myths busted

In episode 39 of The Muscle Engineer Podcast I welcome back Triage Method co-founder Gary McGowan aka SkinnyGaz.

Topics discussed with time stamps:

4:00 Gary’s thoughts about physiotherapy school, overall experience, likes, dislikes

10:18 Foam rolling, cupping, other “recovery methods” and the notion that “If high level athletes do it, it must be good. “

17:10 If you expect something to help, it probably will

26:53 Heel elevation during squats – why can it be beneficial?

49:33 Spinal flexion under load – “stiff vs mobile spine” theory

1:00:00 Cervical extension during squats - does it really “shut off” the glutes? Should we cue looking down during squats and deads?

1:15:05 Key lessons from this episode

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