April 24, 2019

Mike Israetel & Ábel Csabai – A guide to rational anabolic substance use

In episode 28 of The Muscle Engineer Podcast I am once again joined by dr. Mike Israetel and I also welcome back fellow podcaster Ábel Csabai for a follow-up to episode 26 (which I’d recommend listening to first).

In this one we stay on the topic of performance enhancing drugs but take a much more practical route.

Topics discussed with time stamps:

3:10 What to expect from taking an initial dose of PED’s (~300 mg of test per week for example)?

13:43 What should a proper “first cycle” look like?

25:50 How can you tell you have a legit PED vs a counterfeit one?

38:36 What are the most common side effects of PED use?

43:22 What kind of gainzzz can be achieved via PED use that can be maintained after coming off?

47:08 Mike’s thoughts on “fat burners” (clen most commonly) and Dianabol use

53:42 Why are professional bodybuilders eating the same meals over and over again and not allowing themselves more flexibility?

59:20 Copying what someone else is doing vs relying on principles

1:04:12 A discussion about what’s achievable naturally with some notable examples

1:15:43 Why do people take PED’s even when they are not competing?

1:26:36 My closing thoughts about the episode

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