September 24, 2019

Nick Gloff – Training considerations for making reliable physique progression

In episode 36 of The Muscle Engineer Podcast I am joined by Nick Gloff, who is one of the rare people who are strong, have fantastic execution AND are well educated.

Topics discussed with time stamps:

6:25 Nick’s background and training history

16:36 How to balance striving for perfect execution vs actually progressing in loads

29:32 Momentum - how much is acceptable and when is it too much, with barbell rows and dumbbell lateral raises used as examples

42:26 Alignment and how to reduce joint stress on certain exercises (e.g. skullcrushers)

55:40 Pain when doing certain exercises and picking exercises for you

1:05:24 Warming up and using drills to fix your “mobility issues”

1:12:32 Chasing “optimality” and overthinking everything while not taking care of the really important stuff

1:20:33 My closing thoughts on the episode

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