June 7, 2019

Paddy Farrell - Exercise selection and individualization for muscle growth

In episode 29 of The Muscle Engineer Podcast I welcome back my unofficial very first guest for a re-recording of our initial episode that had some audio issues, and this second take turned out much better than the first one.

Topics discussed with time stamps:

2:44 Paddy’s background and how his mindset around exercise selection has evolved throughout the years

16:00 What makes an exercise an effective option for muscle growth?

47:46 The need to lift with “full range of motion” and the distinction between active vs passive range of motion

1:05:18 How can someone improve their active range of motion for a given muscle?

1:12:33 Resistance profiles and how can we improve them?

1:19:06 “Adaptive resistance” and how often should you change exercises?

1:28:48 Why an exercise can be a great choice in the future, even if it isn’t right now

1:30:42 Paddy’s definition of success

1:31:50 My top take-aways from this episode

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