November 11, 2019

Szotak Andrei – Training volume, effective reps, steroids and smarter exercise selection

Episode 38 of The Muscle Engineer Podcast is a re-upload from The Science To Muscle Podcast, where I was invited to speak on a variety of training related topics. I had a lot of fun recording this and hope you’ll enjoy it too.

Topics discussed with time stamps:

3:18 – Experience as an intern with Renaissance Periodization and Dr. Mike Israetel

5:20 - Volume prescription for online and in-person clients

8:10 - Adding sets throughout a mesocycle

11:20 - Jordan Peters as an example of being open minded in the fitness industry

15:20 - Prescribing RIR to clients

21:30 - The effective reps model and the recent article by Greg Nuckols

30:30 - Current trends in training frequency

32:00 - Why people use steroids and their effectiveness

41:30 - Considerations on the mechanics of different movements

57:10 - Exercise order based on resistance profile

1:06:30 - Exercise selection for back training

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