January 17, 2018

TME #10 Trevor Johnson - Overcoming alcohol addiction and losing 50 lbs with a super high protein diet


In episode 10 of The Muscle Engineer Podcast I’m joined by Trevor Johnson, a personal trainer and fitness consultant and overall super smart evidence-based guy to talk about how he overcame alcohol addiction, the diet strategies he used to lose 50 lbs and mistakes people make with high intensity training.

We also touch on other controversial topics, such as sugar addiction and whether it exists or not, how much control do we really have on how much we eat, and much much more.

Topics discussed with time stamps:

2:56 Background on Trevor’s fitness journey and his alcohol abuse issues and how that impaired his phyiscal progress

8:29 How should we think about balancing fitness with alchohol consumption and where is the line between recreational consumption and addiction?

11:00 Why the “just have one every day” advice doesn’t work for some people when it comes to alcohol and food intake

15:05 What Trevor thinks about “sugar addiction” and it being compared to something like alcohol addiction

19:55 The impact of food advertising messages such as Halo Top’s “Save the bowl. You’re going to want the whole pint. “ or “Stop when you hit the bottom. “ on mindful eating and healthy eating behaviours

23:56 Sugar vs food addiction, the impact of different food combinations and advertisements on how much we eat

30:06 Mental conditioning and the importance of reinforcing new behaviours when you want to make a change in your life

37:14 What made Trevor start the fat loss phase he did last year, during which he lost 50 lbs

39:44 What made Trevor decide to follow a super high protein intake and what were the lessons he took from it

49:35 Low volume / HIT training – why does Trevor like it and who has influenced him into adopting this style of training?

50:51 The value of logbooks and tracking your workouts

55:20 Do people run themselves into the ground by constantly trying to beat their past performance?

59:02 Issues around the definition of “low volume training” and the dose response relationship between volume and muscle growth

1:08:52 Trevor’s definition of success

1:10:21 My closing thoughts and main take-aways from the episode

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