February 3, 2020

Top 19 lessons learned in 2019

Episode 43 of The Muscle Engineer Podcast is a meditation on this past year and a compilation of the top 19 things I learned – or rather, re-learned – about training, dieting and life in general.

The lessons:

  1. Discipline equals freedom – everything you want is on the far side of hard work
  2. Extreme ownership – your circumstances are YOUR responsibility
  3. What you most want is to be found where you least want to look
  4. The fool is the precursor to the savior
  5. Tell the truth; or at least don’t lie
  6. Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not who someone else is today
  7. You can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped
  8. The loads you’re using are irrelevant if your execution is off
  9. Progressive overload (getting stronger in moderate rep ranges) is still key – use a logbook!
  10. There’s only so much volume you can do in any given session
  11. Find exercises that fit YOU and that can be progressed for a long time
  12. People should be much more afraid of undertraining than overtraining
  13. Genetics are still key, and no amount of hard work will overcome them
  14. Drugs don’t just “only help a little”
  15. The key to long term weight loss / maintenance is a dietary approach (and a meal frequency) that YOU can actually enjoy
  16. The more extreme your goals, the more extreme the sacrifices you have to make in return
  17. How many calories someone else eats is IRRELEVANT – move more if you want to eat more
  18. Train to get stronger / build muscle; diet to lose fat
  19. Sleep is still the most potent ANABOLIC (legal) tool you have at your disposal; the more, the better

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