In episode 24 of The Muscle Engineer Podcast I’m joined once again by Ábel Csabai of The Sustainable Self Development Center to discuss commonly seen nutrition practices that are more or less necessary and  / or productive.

Topics discussed with time stamps:

5:26 The biggest reason for confusion - focusing on methods and not understanding the principles

14:53 Lack of knowledge and experience and not having empathy for others

21:20 Things that are absolutely necessary - calorie deficit, sufficient protein, sufficient micronutrients

24:03 Things that are not necessary but are probably helpful - having carbs + EAA intra-workout, drinking a protein shake after a workout, having casein / slow absorbing protein before bed, weighing yourself on a scale every day, avoiding alcohol completely etc

28:12 Things that are possibly helpful but likely not necessary - eating “clean foods only” and avoiding “processed” foods, eating the same foods and meals over and over again - eating “bland” foods even when trying to gain muscle, avoiding diet drinks and anything that’s “sweet”, eating every 2-3 hours etc

38:08 The necessity of tracking your macros

45:42 Being more laid back due to being more educated and seeing the big picture

47:34 The difference between doing something because you want to and doing it because you think you have to

54:22 People trying to suffer for the sake of suffering and avoiding anything sweet or anything that tastes good

58:42 Things that are unlikely to be helpful and are probably harmful - bulletproof coffee, “juicing” for detoxing, stupid diets (snake diet and co. ), injecting various substances into your body (snake venom, pee and so on)

1:04:04 You are NOT fragile  - stop being so afraid of and stop trying to identify things that are “wrong” with you

1:14:45 Stay open minded and assume that someone with more experience than you knows something you don’t

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Episode 21 of The Muscle Engineer Podcast is part two of my conversation with Marty Kendall and Vincent Sparagna, where we dissect the topic of satiety.

Topics discussed with time stamps:

1:15 What is satiety and why is it important?

6:50 Lessons learned from almost half a million days of MyFitnessPal data

10:33 Vincent’s pedantic critique of Marty’s definition of satiety (lol)

16:44 The limitations of using self-inputted MyFitnessPal data

25:16 Protein’s effects on satiety

46:01 How long does it take to develop a nutrient deficiency and should we eat seasonally?

51:33 My top 3 take-aways from the episode

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In this episode I’m joined by Dr. Brandon Roberts to discuss some concepts related to periodization and various methods of implementing it for bodybuilding.

Brandon has a PhD in Muscle Biology and is currently a Postdoctoral, with research interests that include the molecular pathways that are involved in muscle regeneration and resistance-exercise adaptations.

Aside from being a peer-reviewed research, he has written articles for Stronger by Science and Alan Aragon’s Research Review (AARR), among many others.

In addition to his academic pedigree, Brandon works as the Director of Research & Education and as an online coach for The Strength Guys, a well known and respected online powerlifting and bodybuilding coaching company and also competes as a natural bodybuilder.

During our conversation we go into the history and development of periodization, the most commonly used periodization models and lay out various practical ways of implementing periodization into your own bodybuilding routine. We also discuss the recent method of increasing number of sets during an accumulation phase, as popularized by Mike Israetel, as opposed to a more traditional method, and I give out my top tips on how to maximize arm growth while keeping your elbows healthy.

Greg Nuckols’s FANTASTIC periodization review article

The meta-analysis we’ve mentioned during the episode

A recent systematic review of periodized versus non-periodized approaches for muscle growth

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