December 16, 2017

#6 Brad Dieter, PhD - Fructose consumption and it’s impact on exercise performance and health

Today's guest is Brad Dieter, a trained Exercise Physiologist, Molecular Biologist, and Biostatistician. He has a Masters of Science in Biomechanics and a PhD in Exercise Physiology. He completed his post-doctoral fellowship in translational science at Providence Medical Research Center, Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center and Children’s Hospital where he studied how metabolism and inflammation regulate molecular mechanisms disease and is involved in discovering novel therapeutics for diabetic complications.

In addition to his lab and biostatistics work, Dr. Dieter is the Chief Scientific Officer at Eat to Perform and is passionate about scientific outreach and educating the public through his role on Scientific Advisory Boards and regular articles on health, nutrition, and supplementation on his website,

During our conversation we dive into fructose biochemistry and metabolism, it’s potential roles in performance nutrition and it’s highly controversial relationship to the onset of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

If you’re interested in knowing whether fructose will give you fatty liver, what role fructose plays in glycogen repletion or if you should eliminate fruits for your diet, then you have to listen to this episode.

The Trommelen et al paper we mentioned

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